Recap of our 2nd Annual Women's Retreat!

The atmosphere was ripe, the love, the unity & the connecting was on a level that is not seen amongst woman in particular. We got to see women come together from all over, the makeup artists and the chef ended up coming for more than they thought.

It was life a changing weekend! I have cried, cried, cried.. happy tears.. because through the warfare, God did not let me see how this event was going to change my life and my perspective. The ladies sowed gifts and money into me & my ministry. Pastor Denise Cater gave me gifts, 😭😭😭 and spoke into my life !! These girls hearts were so full.. there was perfect harmony the whole weekend as seen in this short clip. 

If you missed it... next year is YOUR chance to be apart of this life changing experience! Look out for info about our 2021 Women's Retreat later this year!


Our discussion on August 28th featured newly wed couple Scott and Heather Yother, newly engaged couple Durell Springer and Sherine, and new engagement from a week ago for Cassi Braverman!

This call touched on broken relationships, broken marriages, feeling hopeless after bad breakups, meeting new covenant partners, struggles of singleness and prayers over the spirit of vagabond and unsettling!


If you missed this discussion on 8/28/17, listen here:

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Coming up on our next discussion on Kingdom Love Letter, December 19th, 9PM EST...


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Coming up on our next discussion on Kingdom Love Letter, October 18th, 9PM EST, "God's diamonds in the ROUGH"

No matter how rough your single or married life is, God desires to use our ashes, dust & dark areas of our pain to bring out a shine, glow, & bring contentment and joy in our relationships! Call in to discover how God is calling you to shine BRIGHT like a DIAMOND!


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